107 Year Old Woman Shares Her Surprisingly Funny Secret To Longer Life

To be blessed with a long and healthy life is probably one of the things that many of us would have always pray and hope for. Despite of humankind’s relatively long lifespan, some people would think that a single lifetime is still not enough for there is just so much things to do and try out. Over the years, studies and researches have been going on in an attempt to stretch our time here on earth a little bit longer.

Due to increasing awareness in health and fitness, it is not suprising see or hear several products, services, or regimens that claims to extend one’s life span. However, a few old people have managed to live over a hundred years despite of the unavailability such technology that we now have. And if we asked them what’s their secret, they would always come up with the common answer of having a healthy diet, good rest and regular excerise.

One old woman however, have a completely different yet hilarious answer to the same question. Meet Louise Signore, an elderly who just celebrated her 107th birthday earlier this year.

Signore, who was of Italian descent, was born in Manhattan, New York in the year 1912. To give you an idea just how old she is, the year she was born was the same year when the history’s most famous ship, the RMS Titanic, sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. It was also the same year when China had first establish it’s sovereignity as a country (Republic of China) and ending over two thousand years of imperialistic leadership and government.


According to source, Signore celebrated her 107 birthday last July in Bartow Community Center surrounded by her fellow seniors and elders. This cheerful old lady still has the energy of her youth as she entertains her friends and companions in the senior center with her endless jokes and endearing sense of humour. She tirelessly walks and roams the facility and even does her shopping completely unaided without using wheelchairs, walkers or even cane sticks. Signore still dances and also plays an ancient Rome ball game called bocce everyday as part of her daily activity.

When asked what is the secret for her exceptionally long lifespan, she smiled and answered:

“I think the secret of 107: I never got married. I think that’s the secret. My sister says ‘I wish I never got married’.”


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