Board Passer Goes Viral After Friends Surprises Him With Hilarious Tarpaulin

Board certification is the process by which a professional demonstrates a mastery of basic knowledge and skills through written, practical, or simulator-based examinations. Passing the the board is probably the primary goal of many degree holders such as doctor, nurses, lawyers, engineers, teachers, etc shortly right after they graduate. Such courses requires them to have a professional license before they could actually legally practice their chosen field of work.

Time and again, we have heard never ending stories of students who place all their time and effort to increase their chances of passing the board. And upon accomplishing this goal, it’s been a tradition for these young professionals to hold celebration with their friends and family.

Recently, a netizen who recently passed the board examination of his chosen field got the surprise of his life after his friends congratulate in a hilarious way for his latest achievement. In Brian Gozun’s viral post on Facebook on August 21, he shared an entertaining tarpaulin made by his closest friends.

“Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako or maiinis sa inyo! Hahaha!”


It may seem normal at first, it has the words “congratulations” written on it along with the graduation picture of the board passer. But instead of indicating the profession he is now licensed to practice, his friends instead have written that he successfully registered into a prepaid promo from a particular telecommunications services provider.


Brian later admitted that he found it difficult to explain to relatives what was written on the tarpaulin.

“Nahihirapan ako mag-explain sa mga tita at tito at magulang ko kung ano iyong GOSURF 50.”


“Basta pumasa po ako sa boards iyon na iyon”

His friends’funny take on congratulating him was certainly well received by the netizens. Some relate while it gave others an alternative idea of ??how they would greet their friend who passed the board exam.


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