Meet The Simple Non Showbiz Girlfriend Of PBB Otso Ultimate Big Winner Yamyam Gucong

PBB Otso housemate William “Yamyam” Gucong definitely has all the reasons to smile now that his life had a complete 180 degree turn around after being hailed as the Grand Winner of the eight season of Pinoy Big Brother. He was not only awarded with P2 million and several other prizes from ABS-CBN and the show’s sponsors but also a shot to make it big in the showbiz industry.

Known as “Iskulit Bai of Bohol”, Gucong has managed to won the hearts of the televiewers with his comedic antic and natural positive outlook in life. This paved way for him to garner a whopping 59 percent of the text votes which was more than the combined votes earned by the rest of the “Big Four,”.

But even before he entered the house and eventually became the ultimate grand winner, the 24 year old Boholano native has already found true happiness in her girlfriend, a young simple woman named Elaine. According Gucong, their one of a kind love story had a very unique start. The two have met after a catastrophic earthquake hit their area last 2014.

“After lindol, doon kami sa evacuation center… yun, nakuha ko yung number nya tapus text-text…”


“Niligawan ko sa text,”

The first 2 years of their relationship were kept secret from Elaine’s parents due to the fact the she was a minor that time not to mention that her father is a principal at a local school. After some time, her parents eventually discovered their relationship and invited Yamyam so they could meet him in person. Despite being nervous and afraid, he was able to muster the courage and finally introduce himself to them. His efforts certainly had paid because after meeting Elaine’s parents, they eventually gave their consent to his relationship with their daugther.

In a recent interview with Boy Abunda, Gucong said that Elaine have already talked about the changes that is about to happen after his win and had expressed her full support to the PBB Otso’s Ultimate Grand Winner.


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