Netizens Gushes Over Pokwang Heartfelt Message To Her Mother, Mommy Gloria Subong

From childhood, our parents especially our mothers have always been our guide. They were with us even before we were in the world, for nine months they took us into their womb. Because of their love, parents will do everything for the sake of their children.

Their unconditional love has allowed us to grow, flourish and become the adults that we are today. Some parents, especially among Filipinos, also extend their support and helping hand to their children even after marriage and now had a family of their own.

On the other hand, our parents, despite of their unwavering support, grows old like we do as the time passes by. Their strong and dependable character that we used to know, gradually diminishes and becomes weaker day by day, just like natural order of things. It’s in this precious moments that we can return the favor and take care of them exactly the way they took care of us when we were young.

On her social media account, the Kapamilya comedianne Pokwang recently gave heart warming message of support to her mother, Gloria Subong.


“I love you… ”

“Makakakaasa ka hindi ako bibitiw kahit may ilan na sa kanila na bumitiw na, pero ako hindi hangga’t kaya ko at kasama ka namin ng mga apo mo”

It can be recalled that Pokwang confirmed that Mommy Gloria has been enduring the debilitating of effects of Alzheimer’s back in 2016. This health condition affects the brain and it’s functions. Memory lost is one of the primary symptoms of this affliction that only gets worse as time goes by.

According to one post of Pokwang, it was way back 2012 when Mommy Gloria last identified and remember her name properly despite of her condition. She could even gave the actress some advises back then.


“Panahon na alam mo pa pangalan ko at nayayakap mo pa ako ng ganito,”

“Panahon na nabibigyan mo pa ako ng payo kapag nasasaktan ako at may pinagdaraanan sa buhay, i love you nanay Gloria ko,”


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