Images Of A Tired And Sleeping Filipino Seafarer Goes Viral

Contrary to the popular belief, a life of a seaman or seafarer is never easy. Besides of the heavy workload that comes with the profession,they also have to deal with loneliness brought about by being away from their family. these brave men have to endure all of these sacrifices on a daily basis just to provide their love ones a comfortable life.

Recently, several pictures of the tired seafarer went viral online as it showed the ‘real’ status of the people working on the ships. A certain netizen named Ticong-nicolas Jimma shared the photos of her very own husband as he rest and took a quick nap to before immediately going back to work.

According to the post, the pictures were taken around 3 am while her husband was aboard a ship bound to Singapore. She asked her husband’s co-worker to take a picture of him while at work to completely understand the nature of their chosen job. Jimma shared her husband’s images on social media for everyone to know what it really looks like being a seaman in contrast to a lot of people’s misconception.

“For a seaman’s wife like me, I think our partners deserve extra care and love when they are not on board, instead of nagging and telling them”


“You go now. Call the office because we need money,”

She added that even though her husband only stayed there for three days, the images clearly showed the unseen and unheard sacrifices most seamen do whenever they go to work. Jimma, at the end of her post, gave a meaningful message to her fellow wives and relatives of other seafarers just like her husband.

“For those relatives who always think that your relative seaman is sleeping with money, just look at this pictures.”

“Maybe it’s a wake up call to some families who are fighting over seaman’s money.”


“There is no excuse. This is their real life”


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