Check Out This 5 Ageless Celebrity Moms Who Still Look Gorgeous At Their 40s

Being a mother can bring a lot of changes to a woman. Pregnancy and childbirth produces certain changes on a woman’s body. Aside from experiencing certain symptoms and discomforts, weight gain and having different parts of the body getting bigger are some of the more apparent effects of being an expectant mom. However, some celebrity moms seemed to have defied these changes and mantained their appearance the during and after child birth. Despite being on their 40s, a handful of few even have a certain glow that make them appear prettier and hotter than before.

Check out these five gorgeous celebrity mothers who have kept their beauty despite of their age.

Cindy Kurleto

Cindy is an Austrian model, actress, and a former MTV VJ in the Philippines. She is known for being a commercial model and an FHM model in the Philippines and also for playing the role of Cassiopea in the hit series Encantadia and its prequel/sequel Etheria.


The 40 year old Cindy seemed to haven’t age a day. She is now a mother to two daugthers and currently lives in Europe. Kurleto stunned many of her ageless appearance back in February when she came back to the Philippines for a product endorsment.

Aubrey Miles

Aubrey Santos Sandel professionally known as Aubrey Miles, is a Filipino television host, singer, model, and actress. The 39 year old celebrity is now a mother of three, one from her former boyfriend and two from her current long term relationship partner, Troy Montero.

Aside from her daring roles in the past, Aubrey has gained recognition as a fitness buff. She would often share her healthy lifestyle and work out routines online.


Donna Cruz

Many would agree that nothing has seemed to change to the appearance of recording artist, actress and entertainer Donna Cruz from her early years in showbiz up to this very day. The 42 year old Cruz is now a mother of three and is happily married to his husband, Potenciano “Yong” Larrazabal III, an ophthalmologist based in Cebu.

Despite being away from showbiz from a very long time to be a full time mom, Donna has maintained her youthful appearance she had during her prime.

Lucy Torres

The wife of the actor and politician Richard Gomez still have that ageless glow even at her age of 44. Like Richard, Lucy also joined the public service office back in 2010 where she was elected and is currently serving as representative of the 4th District of Leyte.

Aside from being a goverment official, Torres is also an endorser for the clothing brand Bench and one of the celebrity designers for Kashieca, another clothing brand.

Ruffa Gutierrez

The married life hasn’t been to kind to the former beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez. The 45 year old model/ actress announced her separation to her husban Turkish businessman, Yilmas Bektas last May 2007 after being together for 4 years.

According to reports, shortly after their separation, Ruffa admitted that the support from her former husband had already stopped as well. She was left alone to raise her two daughters, Lorin and Venice.

Still, despite being a single mom who juggles her responsibilities to her children and her career, Ruffa is still one of the hottest celebrity mothers today.



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