Mother Mistaken As Her Son’s Girlfriend Because Of Her Agelesss Beauty

Everyone grows old, it is a universal fact. The beauty, youthfulness and vigor we had during our prime is expected to fade away as our biological age increases over the years. But every now and then, we heard stories of few individuals who seems to have found the fountain of youth and have retained their young appearance despite of their old age.

Jonathan Nguyen, a young 22 year old man has left thousands speechless after sharing pictures of his amazing youthful mother who frequently gets mistaken for as his sister or even a girlfriend. Nguyen, who is of Vietnamese descent from Los Angeles, California said:

‘Having a young Asian mom is great until you see someone your age shooting their shot at her,’

He credits her flawless complexion to exercising daily, avoiding processed foods and following a strict Keto diet – a low-carb, high-fat way of eating.


His post has attracted more than 14,000 ‘likes’, and over 7,400 comments. Many of them demanding to know the secret behind her mother’s ageless appearance. Some also tried to find out her actual age. In response, Jonathan said her mom eats a lot of fruits and works out everyday.

‘She works out everyday, and won’t eat any processed foods for the most part. (Keto diet),’

‘To cut to the chase my mom is in her 40s. Her secret to not aging is dieting and exercising. She also has a skin care routine that I’m not too aware of,’

While many are amazed with her mother’s seemingly ageless appearance, other were skeptical and said that she was not even Jonathan’s mother to begin with, most likely his sister or a girlfriend. But later proved them wrong when he uploaded one of his childhood photo in which he can be seen together with the same woman.



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