Here’s How Beauty Gonzalez Raised Her Very Cute Daughter Olivia

As a family, we are expected to be close to one another especially to our parents. Despite the age gap of children with their parents, this does not impede a child’s deep and close relationship with his or her parents.

One way parents can guide their children properly is to have a close relationship with them. It’s much more easier to teach and correct a children if it is based on trust and respect instead of fear.

It is similar to the relationship of Cassie and Romina in highly acclaimed afternoon tv series “Kadenang Ginto”. Beauty Gonzalez plays the character of Romina. And many televiewers can’t help but be amazed on her parenting style to her daugther Cassie. Her close relationship to Cassie enabled her to the child raised to be smart, responsible.

Romina’s exceptional parenting stays true to Beauty in real life experience. Fan and follwers can attest as the actress have always showcased her closeness to her cute little daugther, Olivia.


Olivia can be seen on almost of every Beauty’s post in her social media account. From their bonding, going on vacation or even being at home, Olivia can be seen by her mother’s side most of the time. Recently, the actress posted a heartwarming message to her young one.

“So happy to have you under my wings,”

“I promise to guide you and protect you the best i can, for as long as i can.”

“I know one day you will fly away to explore the world, to do great things.”


“But know that i will always be at home cheering for you, wishing and hoping for you, and being happy and proud that at one point in our lives, I had you under my wings.”

It just shows that Beauty is hands-on when its comes to raising Olivia to make sure to guide her properly for the child to reach her fullest potential. That’s really the secret of effective parenting style in kids especially now for millenials.


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