Check Out The New And Huge Rustic Themed Mansion Of Cheska And Doug Kramer

Fan and follower of the celebrity family Team Kramer finally had a glimpse of their newest property that made headlines recently.

According to Doug and Cheska, their “moving in” to their huge rustic theme house around the last week of June 2019, was kind of a rush for the 10th birthday party of their eldest child, Kendra. The couple said that their oldest wished for a house celebration which they later granted. The simple yet fun house party was attented by relatives and close friends as well as Kendra’s classmates.

Initially, Doug and Cheska gave an early sneek peek of their newest property through their social media accounts. According to them, the multi level house took around to years to construct. Both Doug and Cheska were hands on when it comes to the overall design and plan of their new home. The couple included pictures of their theater room, play room, as well as a garden with a swimming pool.

The house is indeed a splendid structure full of amenities for each member of the family. Team Kramer officially gave their fans and followers a virtual tour of their new home through their latest video blog in social media.


The young girls Kendra and Scarlett share their bedroom where they have their own princess bed. It also has two dressers, a walk in closet and a private bathroom that even has its own jacuzzi inside. Their only son, Gavin on the other hand has a sports-themed bedroom which includes a mini basketball play area. Like his sister, his bedroom has a walk in closet and a bathroom of its own. For play and recreation, the Kramer kids has a play room located at the basement, included inside is a miniature indoor play area like the ones you can see on Jolibee or McDonalds.

As for the couple Doug and Cheska, not only they have a master’s bedroom but an entire floor which they called the master’s floor. The couple’s bedroom has a custom made “emperor’s size” bed which is much bigger than a king-size bed. The room design also included a walk in closet for Cheska. Two bathrooms was included inside their master’s suite, one for Doug and one for Cheska. Finally, the couple included a balcony area right next to their bedroom which provides a wonderful view whenever the sun rises or sets in.

Team Kramer New House Tour!

Finally, our new home tour with a twist! It's quite a long video, but I promise you won't feel it. It's a culmination of years leading to this, and it just wasn't right to rush the video. To the team who's always captured our special family moments, trip videos… To Treehouse Story , you guys are family to us! This video made us cry as usual! 😭😭 What a journey for our family! And we can't be more happy to share our lives with all of you, our #TeamKramer friends! Before you watch, I wanna ask, what makes a house a home?Is it the beauty or size of it? Absolutely not! We lived content and happy living in a 60 sqm condo when we started out married. Renting and trying to make ends meet. Honestly, we never compared our lives to others, we were focused on ourselves. We just knew that in God's time, if He willed it, we would get our own. The truth is, you'd rather have a small house, content and having a complete family, rather than a big place but broken and full of complaining. After renting out for a year in a condo, we transferred to a townhouse we rented for 2 years. Still trying to save up for a house we could call our own.I remember the day when Chesca told me she was pregnant with Gavin. "honey, I'm pregnant…. again!!" 😂 Scarlett was still a baby so it came as a beautiful surprise. Feeling blessed, but now thinking, we can't fit in this townhouse now, we had to make a change, a leap of faith to see if we can finally afford to build our own house. And so we did, despite the odds and just having enough, we proceeded to build our first home, and within a year of construction, we moved in Dec. 22, 2012 with Chesca about to give birth to Gavin in about 3 weeks. It was a 15 year plan to pay the house which we paid off in 3 years! Amazing! Truly, God's plans our better than ours.We've been living there over 6 years, fulfilled. So what made us decide to build another house? We wanted fresh air, the open garden, more space for the kids to enjoy the outdoors. And while at it, decided to put together the best ideas we got from our vacation spots and try and incorporate it at our house. We all love staying home! Now that we've transferred to our new home, it's a surreal experience to think in hindsight what God can prepare for you if you just believe in what plans He has for you. Stay obedient to God. Trust in God's timing. He will say no to some prayers, He will say yes after years of praying, and sometimes, because of His grace, He gives above and beyond what you've been praying for. The biggest lesson…you can't outgive Him. You can plan and plan, but his way prevails. God will prune you, He will test you, and it's up to you how to respond. It's not just about asking for blessings, it's also about preparing your "field" for the blessings. Don't be the farmer that just prays and prays for rain, but sits around and does nothing. Have you tilled your ground? Have you planted the seeds? Prepare yourself also, so when the rain comes, you'll be ready to receive the blessings. Harvesting will be upon you soon. To God be the glory always. It's All because of Him. We can't take credit. 👆🙏Psalm 37: 4-7"Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,your vindication like the noonday sun. Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;…"Love, Doug and Chesca ❤️

Posted by Team Kramer on Saturday, July 20, 2019

Some of the other amenities that the couple included are a home gym, a barbaque area, a spacious living room and kitchen and of course, a beautiful infinity pool for the kids. Even their household helpers have their own bedroom and a common lounge area.


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