Meet Jimuel Pacquiao: The Good Looking Son Of Manny And Jinkee Pacquiao

Jimuel Pacquiao, the eldest son of Manny And Jinkee Pacquiao
has steadily making a name for himself over the last few months.

Due to his father’s legendary reputation, Jimuel has been a familiar face to the media even at young age. People have come to know him from family pictures that circulated along with several news and articles. Manny, himself, would share images of his children on social media every once in a while.

But as of late, netizens have come to notice how Jimuel looks better and better as years passes by. Emmanuel “Jimuel” Pacquiao, Jr. was born in the US on February 6, 2001. Time do flies really fast as he just celebrated his 18th birthday this year.

It came as a no suprise when Jimuel expressed his interest in boxing, after all, he is the son of one of the greatest boxers of all time. Both Manny and Jinkee have openly conveyed their disapproval in their eldest son’s passion for boxing. But despite of this, Jimuel still chose to enter the sport and began his training sometime in December 2018. So far, Jimuel has a clean record in the amateur boxing division winning all of his 3 bouts.


Besides his love of sports, Jimuel has also appeared as a model on several advertisments and product endorsements. He can be seen mostly wearing casual streetwear look, ofter in plain shirts over printed button-ups for the most part. As an athlete, comfort is his concern when it comes to outfits.

Last March, Jimuel became one of the headlines in the showbiz industry upon admitting that he was already in a relationship with former PBB housemate and current ABS CBN actress Heaven Peralejo. The couple met over a year before beginning their relationship, and only recently began going out together.

However, rumors of their break up started circulating just recently after both Jimuel and Heaven unfollowed each other on Instragram and removed all of their photos together as well. Despite having no official confirmation yet from the two, it came as a shocked for their fans and followers since their relationship just started merely a few months ago.


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