Check Out How Rich And Wealthy Ellen Adarna Really Is

Ellen Meriam Go Adarna, born April 2, 1988 is a Filipina actress. The only daughter of a Filipina-Chinese mother and Filipino father.

Her family is into real estate and property business who owns various hotels, resorts, condominiums and Queensland, a chain of motels in Cebu, Manila and Davao.

Beside owning several high profile structures, Ellen’s family is also involved in the construction business. Despite, of literally being born with a silver spoon, the 31 year old actress knew how to value the fruits of hard labor. She used to work for her father before in Cebu since she was 4th grader as a housekeeper and her father’s secretary. She started working in her father’s motel during her summer vacation in order to get her summer allowances.

The actress’ family also own a Temple in honor of her late grandmother ‘Temple of Leah’


Adarna’s grandfather, Teodorico Adarna, builds a temple in memory of his wife Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. She passed away because of lung cancer in 2012 at the age of 69. The place was later became a famous tourist spot and was even compared to the famous “Taj Mahal” of India due to the backstory of the said temple.

Ellen once posted a picture of her with her mother together with her granma’s bronze statue of which the caption included hashtags “grandma, mama, me and the three generations.”

She decided to join the show business industry in order to become a model and actress and did not want to work with her father’s family business. Her decision was not accepted by her father, Alan Modesto Adarna, this made left their home to pursue modeling and acting.

When being asked how long she was disowned by her father.


“For a time, mga two years.”

“Nang nag-artista ako non hindi siya sang-ayon”

Mr. Adarna later came to accept Ellen’s commitment in show business and finally gave his approval to her decision. It was a good thing the two came into terms before unexpected demise in June 2018 due to cardiac arrest.

As of now, Ellen, who now has a one year old son, is inactive in showbiz along with her partner John Lloyd Cruz since 2017. Recent reports have said the two are currently enjoying the simple life of having a family away from the intrigues of the industry.


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