Student Who Paid Respect To The Philippine Flag In In The Middle Of The Rain Goes Viral

A student gained praises among netizens after her the pictures of her remarkable patriotism goes viral. The said young girl stopped and stood to pay respect to the national flag as the school started playing the national anthem. It may seem normal for the student to do such thing during the opening of the school but what made the student’s gesture exceptional is that she did it in the middle of the rain.

A netizen named Rouanne Marie Ablog shared the special moment which was caught on camera last July 10.

“This young girl stopped walking and stood still under the rain during the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. Nice one, ading” Ablog captioned.

The viral student was later identified as Chelsea Angel Rapisura, a student of Ilocos Sur National High School. Despite of the rainfall, Rapisura decided to stop and stood still to pay her respects to the Philippine flag. She doesn’t seem to mind the as she slowly gets soaked while her other schoolmates where under the comfort and shelter of the school hallways.


According to the source, Chelsea just came to school and was about to go straight to her classroom. Coincidentally, she arrived just as the school started it’s flag raising ceremony.

Her gesture received praises from netizens, here are some of their comments.

“A good example of being a true Filipino, respect and discipline,”

“Mabuhay ka! Naturuan nang mabuti ng guro na kahit kagatin pa ng langgam ang paa mo basta inawit ang pambasang awit hindi ka kikilos. Mabuhay ka, girl,”


“Your parents and your school should be more proud of you, young lady. Kami’y napahanga sa iyong disiplina at sa simpleng pagpapakita ng pagmamahal at respeto sa bansa,”


Written by ADMIN

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