Check Out Enrique Gil’s Modern Beach House For His Family In Batangas

For the Kapamilya actor Enrique Gil, family is very important. That is why after having the financial capacity to built his own house, he took great importance of considering his love ones in the final design of his modern style beach house in Batangas.

According to the 27 year old actor, while others are very much comfortable living alone, he rather prefer to be around and spent time with his family whenever he goes out from his busy showbiz schedule. Enrique also emphasized to value the opportunity of being with your love ones while you still have time for they won’t be there by your side forever.

“Ayoko kasi nu’ng I’m living in a house tapos alone”

“Some people like living in separate houses. You’re a family, so habang tumatanda, the lesser time you have here on earth.”


“Why not spend it with your family, every day, while you’re still here? Sama-sama tayo.”

“Ako kasi, if I have the choice, we’ll have one big house where me, my family, my brother’s family, my sister’s family in the future can stay there.”

“Lahat kami, magkakasama. It’s more fun when you go home.”

“Minsan, pag-uwi mo, andaming schedule ng iba. Minsan, ang ending, ikaw lang mag-isa sa bahay—lahat, wala.”


“It’s so depressing. That’s why gusto ko, pag-uwi, there’s always people there, so it’s alive.”

The result? A very stylish and cozy five storey, ten 10 room beach house located at a secluded cove which affords Enrique and his family the privacy and serenity they need away from the spotlight. Gil shared that it was his mother, Mom Bambi who first spotted the area during a company outing ten years ago. She also took full responsibility in the house’s interior designing and style as soon as it was ready. The property, according to the actor, took at least a year and a half to construct.

Let’s have a digital tour inside.

The 700 square meter beach house sits in the town by the coast in Anilao, Batangas.

Living Area
Mommy Bambi mosty used earth colors and hues in this area of the house. Being an avid fan of art, she had the walls decorated with priceless paitings various Filipino artist.

Dining Area
Also located at the second floor, the dining room is located behind where the living area is. This part of the house is the busiest as Enrique’s mom loves to cook delicious meal for the family.

The house is also home for several marine collections made as decorations.

Pool Area
Located on the fourth floor, the pool overlooks the clears waters of Anilao beach.

Enrique’s Bedroom
The walls which comprises of wood gives the room a cozy and warm atmosphere and the wide windows allows natural light to come in.

Enrique’s Bathroom
The bathroom for Enrique uses mainly white colors and just like his bedroom, uses natural light during the day.

Master’s Bedroom
This is where Enrique’s mother, Mommy Bambi rest at the end of very busy day.

Guests Rooms
The fourth floor house in two guests rooms for Enrique’s family visitors.

Third Floor Living Room
The third floor living room is situated between Enrique’s room and the Master’s Bedroom

Jacuzzi Area and Veranda
The two areas which Enrique are most fond of are all located in the rooftop.


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