Meet Lily Atkinson: Mr. Bean’s Gorgeous Real Life Daughter

Many of us have spent our childhood watching one of the most the adored tv shows in history, Mr. Bean. The kind of entertainment this program offers is not only for kids but the for the whole family as well. Without even saying a single word, he made us laugh our pants off with his hilarious facial expressions.

The man behind this iconic television character is none other than the English actor Rowan Atkinson. Many seen how he played the silly childish character of Mr. Bean but mind you, he’s an Electrical Engineer by education. It’s hard to digest his educational qualification because it doesn’t go well with the roles he had done so far.

Not known to many, Rowan Atkinson actually has a daughter. But in contrast to the goofy Mr. Bean that he portrays, her daughter Lily Atkinson is gorgeous and talented young woman.

There are many pictures circulating on the internet claiming that Mr. Bean’s Daughter, Lily Atkinson looks absolutely hilarious like him. People absolutely love to laugh at the fake pictures of her daughter. But, everything you see on the internet is not true.


The real Lily Atkinson, to put into simple words, is the epitome of beauty and hotness. She looks so hot and sultry that many people who saw her actual pictures are initially don’t believe he’s the daughter of Mr. Bean.

Who would have imagined that Mr. Bean’s daughter would look so beautiful? Her flawless beauty is enough to make any man drool over her beauty. She has also played minor roles in some of his father’s movies. Lily was part Mr. Bean’s Holiday and Johnny English Reborn.

Despite her of exposure to the film industry, Lily has more passion in the music world. Due to her family background, she started writing, singing and dancing as early as five years old. According to her Instagram bio, she’s a singer/songwriter. She also performs in concerts every now and then. No matter what she does, she’s a champion like her father.


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